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We encounter obstacles in our lives daily. Most times they are benign and we pay little regard to because we have already developed abilities to overcome them. However, there will be instances in our life where the obstacle ahead is something we are unfamiliar with. It becomes even more daunting when we don't have the option of bypassing them. 

This is why at KA13, we educate people on the best and most energy-efficient methods of clearing obstacles, both physical and mental.




Whether you are a casual explorer or a serious adventurer, obstacle clearing has become a common feature in recreational activities and apex challenges. Growing up in urban settings, with modern conveniences, have however made us less adept at tackling obstacles. This could mean serious consequences when we face

life-changing situations.

Which is why KA 13

aims to develop kinesthetic awareness in you

by providing all-rounded and in-depth obstacle training. Based off Altamis' proven training methodology, we strive to develop obstacle proficiency in leisure enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

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