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Own Time

Within 60 minutes, train however you like:

- Craft your own regimen / routines

- Work on mastering your skills

- Utilize any available obstacles
- Set a course & run your own friendly race against friends

- Purchase a single session or 10-session packages*

* Package can be used for guests and are transferrable. However sessionsmust be consumed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

** Your training on any obstacle should not interrupt any active lesson(s).


(Mass Workout)

60 to 120mins of:

- Mass workout 

- Variable terrain runs

- Obstacle circuits
- curated by Altamis certified Obstacle Trainers


Learn the A-Z of specific obstacles:

- Wall Climb

- Gorilla Bars

- Rope Climb

- MultiRig a.k.a SKOB


Fall Technique Class

Every sporting discipline entails a risk of falling. Being multi-discipline, Obstacle Sports presents an even higher risk of such falls.
Learn how you can manage them.

"To fly is precious

but even more so is being able to return to earth safely"

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