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Our kids program consists of

Group Workout so that they develop physical strength,

Obstacle Lessons to equip them with skills & confidence

and Play, cos that's how kids grow best.

We work on their strength, stamina, agility and cognitive skills through various exercises, obstacle play, circuits and problem solving material; building strong & resilient children thru it all.

* Package can be used for guests and are transferrable. However sessions must be consumed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

In recognizing the strides your child makes, they will also be presented with the Whizz Award corresponding with the proficiency they display throughout the program. 

Whizz Award
(7 – 13year old)

Level 1

Multirig [5 rings]
1.5m Wall
2m Rope Climb
Balance Beam
Target Ball 2m
20kg Tyre Pull 10m
20m Shuttle Run with 3kg Ball

Level 2

Multirigs [Rings & Bar]
Low Rig
(inertia, hook and rotation)
1.75m Wall
3m Rope Climb
Balance Rings
Target Mallet 2.5m
20kg Tyre Pull 15m
30m Shuttle Run with 4kg Ball

Level 3

Multirigs [combo implements]
Low Rig (full set)
2m Wall
Rope Climb (Top)
Slack Line
Target Mallet 3m
20kg Tyre Pull 20m
10kg Ball, carry for 20m and toss.

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